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Monday, May 24, 2010

This just in!

The little sweetheart that made this...
for me for Mother's Day took THREE steps at school today!!! That is three more than he has ever taken for us & don't worry, we've been really trying. I can get him to take maybe a half step on his own if I trick him to start walking holding my hand & then as he is taking a step, let go. We are working so hard on this, he just freaks if you let go of his hand & drops to the floor. He is doing really well at standing on his own though. I know he'll be walking soon. Justin said last night watch him start walking this w/e while we are gone to the beach for Memorial day w/o him. We will miss him terribly but with Justin being in a wedding & me having a bachelorette w/e all in Destin, there was no way we could take him too. I do have to say it will be nice to get away & have an adult w/e though!

I feel soooo behind on the blog since I can't get on it at work now. I have figured out how to get on everything on my bb at least (thank the Lord!) but it would be a challenge to update the blog on that so I will catch up soon I hope.

Ok gotta go. Justin just got back from his bball game so I am racing out to a friends to watch the bachelorette premiere & eat some yummy food! Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's a very sad day...

I knew this was coming but as of today I can no longer access my personal email, MY BLOG, facebook, ebay, etc at work or on my bb!! YIKES!! You never know how much you "need" something until it's gone, right?!!? I actually can get on fb on my bb right now so let's pray it stays that way. I guess they think we'll be more productive w/o so many distractions...ha! So unfortunately the blog will suffer from this catastrophe...I act like it's the end of the world. :) I just usually take a "break" from work to blog a little or post some pics so now I'll actually have to do it at home or elsewhere. Oh goes on!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carter's doomed!!

My brother had an emergency appendectomy around midnight on Sunday night so it has been a whirlwind the past few days. He went into the ER late Sun. afternoon with what he thought was a severe stomach bug or food poisoning. The doctors first thought that he had gastroenteritis (stomach flu) but once they realized his white blood cell count was ridiculously high at ~22,000 they decided to do a CT scan to see if it was his appendix or not & sure enough it was inflamed & ready to come out. The craziest part about it is that Justin had his appendix out almost exactly a year ago...3 days difference to be exact. And the reason Carter is doomed is b/c his great grandfather (Justin's grandfather), his grandfather (my dad), his father & uncle have now all had their appendix removed so it is basically inevitable that one day down the road he will have to have his taken out too. I've already decided that if for some reason he has to have surgery in that region at any point that I will request they go ahead & take it out since we don't need the silly thing anyway! Jason hopes to be released this afternoon & he will be coming to our house to stay until he is back on his own two feet.

P.S. I have so much to update on from this w/e & pics to put up but I will get to those when I can.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today is my Friday...woohoo!! I'm off tomorrow so Justin & I can spend the day at the Regions Charity Classic golf tournament here in B'ham. I'm not a huge golf fan but when you get free tickets & wristbands & you get to spend a relaxing day outside & hopefully get some much needed sun, I'm in! Justin is actually already goofing off & watching the Pro-Am there today. I just got back from getting a pedi & I am headed to Cocina tonight for dinner with the girls. My 3-day w/e is starting off nicely! It will get busy though since we hope to take the pups & Carter to Do Dah Day on Sat. We missed it last year b/c my poor husband was getting his appendix unexpectedly removed. That was wild when Carter was only 6 wks old. There's a 20-30% chance of rain for the whole w/e so we'll see how the weather holds up. We also have Callie's 1st birthday party late that afternoon & then I'm headed straight to ATL after that to hang with some of my besties & help hostess a baby shower for Amy on Sun. afternoon. I unfortunately have to miss my niece Audrey's dedication on Sun. morning in Mobile. Justin, his mom & Carter are driving down for the day to be there for that. I also can't go to Em's bridal tea that is on Sun. afternoon. Did I mention that we were busy?!!? :)

Here is Carter knocking all the magnets & invitations off the fridge...notice the potential mullet my child is sporting. I think our 1st haircut is in the near future.
He loves to push this chair around the kitchen/den...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just a few shots of Carter man in his new overalls he got from Papaw & LaLa for his b'day & playing with his dresser of his favorite pastimes.

Action shot...

Check out his cute little plaid boat shoes Mommy bought him. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

A bit nostalgic

So a few wks back I promised to scan some old school pics of J & I & put them up here since we have now spent 10 yrs together. So I hope you enjoy the blast from the past....

These were right after we first met. Check out those Elvis style chops Justin's sporting! We won't discuss the obvious fluctuation of weight for both of us from then to now...

On the bus at my 1st AXO formal in ATL
Dressed up for the annual "Jamaica Me Crazy" social

Good 'ole zaps from socials/date parties...I have a million of these it seems like!

At Lay lake...
My graduation day...
Sara & Jay's wedding...Sept 2003.
New Years...I have no idea what year.

This w/e was fun but madness as usual. Friday night we celebrated Justin's birthday a day early just the 3 of us. I grabbed his favorite strawberry cake from Edgars...YUM...& sent him on a scavenger hunt around our house for his present. I had clues that took him somewhere in the house where he would find hints having to do with what his gift is an example of a few of the hints...LP, 113 Y, & 12.9.10. His present was 2 tickets to the Colts vs. Titans game in Nashville on Dec. 9. The Titans play at LP Field & our seats are in section 113 Row Y. They are pretty good seats in the lower section, 25 rows up on the 40 yard line. I did a little bargaining on Ebay & got a decent deal on them...I didn't realize how outrageous NFL tickets were. Justin's man-crush is Peyton Manning & he told me a long time ago that he would love tickets to see him play sometime so we'll be going to see him in the Music City on a Th. night in Dec. I think he was very surprised & pleased with what I got him. Speaking of surprises he gave me my Mother's Day present early on Fri. night...I got a SEWING MACHINE!!! I couldn't believe it. I thought I would ask for one for Christmas since I've finally decided it is time to learn how to use one & I'm sure I could save tons of $$ by making some of my own kids' clothes, doing my own hems, etc. I can't wait to learn how to use it & hopefully one day get a monogram machine too...oh the possibilities.

Sat. we got up early & took Coco to the vet since we were pretty sure she had a urinary tract infection. She would constantly go outside & squat to go potty & half the time nothing would come out...poor thing! She is on a good antibiotic now & is acting totally back to normal. We also took Lucky to get her yearly shots & check-up. Carter went with Justin's Dad & Stepmom to Gadsden & then stayed with his mom that night so that Justin & I could help hostess a cookout for our friends Jennifer & Chris in Trussville. We were in charge of desserts & paper products & since we were expecting around 50-60 ppl I figured I'd make a good variety of things. I made 2 batches of brownies, a sour cream pound cake & banana pudding. Of course we get all the way out there & I realize that I've left this.....
in the fridge! Oh I was SO furious at myself for forgetting it. It was the only refrigerated thing & out of sight, out of mind I guess. We are definitely enjoying it but there is SO much!!! Come on over if you want some yummy banana pudding. :) I would hate to waste it!!

Sunday we did church with the mothers & my bro & then went to RCC for their Sunday brunch. After Carter & me (ha!) got an afternoon nap in we headed to my Dads to visit with them for a little while. I was exhausted after a long w/e & speaking of exhausted it is way past my bed time so GOOD NIGHT! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


is just one of many adjectives that can describe our newest member of the family. Oh how we love her so, our dear sweet Coco, but there are some days that I just want to wring her little neck like when I caught her with my house shoe outside on the deck this morning, just chewing away at it. Nothing can be left on the floor, coffee table or anywhere the little weasel can get to including the bar in the kitchen area since she jumps on the couch & crawls up there & will grab anything she can find on it!! This one takes the cake so far for the biggest mess...

Justin & I were upstairs getting Carter ready for bed & when Justin came downstairs, this is what he found. It sure did smell nice but that powder was in every single took the shop-vac to get it all up. That baby powder hadn't even been opened still had the plastic seal on it. It was under the sink in Carter's bathroom with a lot of other baby products...Carter loves to bang the cabinets & pull that stuff out & carry it around the house with him. Well it was left on the coffee table & someone found it. Oh the joys of puppyhood!

A quick update...
Coco is doing great on her electric fence training. Tomorrow she can be off a leash but still supervised. She is definitely afraid of the red flags & won't get anywhere near them so it is working at least. Tomorrow is Justin's b'day & we are celebrating tonight...just cake & presents with our little man. Tom. night we are helping throw a shower for our good friends Jennifer & Chris that are getting married at the beach in a few weeks. Carter is going to Gadsden with Justin's dad & stepmom for the day & then spending the night with Justin's mom. Sunday we'll be going to church & eating at the country club for Mother's Day. After Carter's nap, we'll head to my Dads to spend time with them. Looking forward to a busy but fun w/e!! All of our w/e's recently & upcoming are so jampacked with wedding/baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Literally every Sat & Sun since Carter's b'day we have had something going on & sometimes multiple things in one day. We do get a break in 2 w/e's when we have NOTHING planned & I can't wait to just relax & not have to worry about a thing. Don't get me wrong, I love all the fun & craziness but sometimes it can get a little overboard! We are SO thrilled with all of our friends getting married/having babies this summer!! We love each & every one of you!!! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy loves sushi & Carter loves...

fried rice!!! We went to Stix on Friday night & brought Carter's dinner with us since I didn't think he would be too fond of chinese/japanese food. Ha, I was wrong. Justin couldn't put the fried rice in front of him fast enough...he was shoveling it in like we hadn't fed him in days!! I wish I'd had my video camera with me but here are some pics showing the mess he made & how much he loved it. He thought the fortune cookie was delish too!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Typical Coco style

We have officially started Coco's electric fence training. It takes about a month until she'll really get it & be off a leash & on her own, but we have started the walking around the yard 3 times a day & you have to slap the red flags & say NO! I'm sure we look funny to the neighbors. :) So far, so good so we'll see how it goes. Here are some worthless pics of our newest little sweetheart!