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Monday, May 24, 2010

This just in!

The little sweetheart that made this...
for me for Mother's Day took THREE steps at school today!!! That is three more than he has ever taken for us & don't worry, we've been really trying. I can get him to take maybe a half step on his own if I trick him to start walking holding my hand & then as he is taking a step, let go. We are working so hard on this, he just freaks if you let go of his hand & drops to the floor. He is doing really well at standing on his own though. I know he'll be walking soon. Justin said last night watch him start walking this w/e while we are gone to the beach for Memorial day w/o him. We will miss him terribly but with Justin being in a wedding & me having a bachelorette w/e all in Destin, there was no way we could take him too. I do have to say it will be nice to get away & have an adult w/e though!

I feel soooo behind on the blog since I can't get on it at work now. I have figured out how to get on everything on my bb at least (thank the Lord!) but it would be a challenge to update the blog on that so I will catch up soon I hope.

Ok gotta go. Justin just got back from his bball game so I am racing out to a friends to watch the bachelorette premiere & eat some yummy food! Ta ta for now!


  1. so sweet! Cooper decided to improve his crawling while we were gone this week!
    Did you know you can create an email address under blog settings and then you can email your blog posts straight to your blog with that email.. just attach a picture and then put the text in the email and the title in the email subject! (might already have known that but might help with the bb posts!)

  2. Volree I could not be more thrilled with that info...I had no idea!!! Oh how I love figuring out ways to beat the system...awesome!! :)