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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carter's doomed!!

My brother had an emergency appendectomy around midnight on Sunday night so it has been a whirlwind the past few days. He went into the ER late Sun. afternoon with what he thought was a severe stomach bug or food poisoning. The doctors first thought that he had gastroenteritis (stomach flu) but once they realized his white blood cell count was ridiculously high at ~22,000 they decided to do a CT scan to see if it was his appendix or not & sure enough it was inflamed & ready to come out. The craziest part about it is that Justin had his appendix out almost exactly a year ago...3 days difference to be exact. And the reason Carter is doomed is b/c his great grandfather (Justin's grandfather), his grandfather (my dad), his father & uncle have now all had their appendix removed so it is basically inevitable that one day down the road he will have to have his taken out too. I've already decided that if for some reason he has to have surgery in that region at any point that I will request they go ahead & take it out since we don't need the silly thing anyway! Jason hopes to be released this afternoon & he will be coming to our house to stay until he is back on his own two feet.

P.S. I have so much to update on from this w/e & pics to put up but I will get to those when I can.

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