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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today is my Friday...woohoo!! I'm off tomorrow so Justin & I can spend the day at the Regions Charity Classic golf tournament here in B'ham. I'm not a huge golf fan but when you get free tickets & wristbands & you get to spend a relaxing day outside & hopefully get some much needed sun, I'm in! Justin is actually already goofing off & watching the Pro-Am there today. I just got back from getting a pedi & I am headed to Cocina tonight for dinner with the girls. My 3-day w/e is starting off nicely! It will get busy though since we hope to take the pups & Carter to Do Dah Day on Sat. We missed it last year b/c my poor husband was getting his appendix unexpectedly removed. That was wild when Carter was only 6 wks old. There's a 20-30% chance of rain for the whole w/e so we'll see how the weather holds up. We also have Callie's 1st birthday party late that afternoon & then I'm headed straight to ATL after that to hang with some of my besties & help hostess a baby shower for Amy on Sun. afternoon. I unfortunately have to miss my niece Audrey's dedication on Sun. morning in Mobile. Justin, his mom & Carter are driving down for the day to be there for that. I also can't go to Em's bridal tea that is on Sun. afternoon. Did I mention that we were busy?!!? :)

Here is Carter knocking all the magnets & invitations off the fridge...notice the potential mullet my child is sporting. I think our 1st haircut is in the near future.
He loves to push this chair around the kitchen/den...

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