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Friday, May 7, 2010


is just one of many adjectives that can describe our newest member of the family. Oh how we love her so, our dear sweet Coco, but there are some days that I just want to wring her little neck like when I caught her with my house shoe outside on the deck this morning, just chewing away at it. Nothing can be left on the floor, coffee table or anywhere the little weasel can get to including the bar in the kitchen area since she jumps on the couch & crawls up there & will grab anything she can find on it!! This one takes the cake so far for the biggest mess...

Justin & I were upstairs getting Carter ready for bed & when Justin came downstairs, this is what he found. It sure did smell nice but that powder was in every single took the shop-vac to get it all up. That baby powder hadn't even been opened still had the plastic seal on it. It was under the sink in Carter's bathroom with a lot of other baby products...Carter loves to bang the cabinets & pull that stuff out & carry it around the house with him. Well it was left on the coffee table & someone found it. Oh the joys of puppyhood!

A quick update...
Coco is doing great on her electric fence training. Tomorrow she can be off a leash but still supervised. She is definitely afraid of the red flags & won't get anywhere near them so it is working at least. Tomorrow is Justin's b'day & we are celebrating tonight...just cake & presents with our little man. Tom. night we are helping throw a shower for our good friends Jennifer & Chris that are getting married at the beach in a few weeks. Carter is going to Gadsden with Justin's dad & stepmom for the day & then spending the night with Justin's mom. Sunday we'll be going to church & eating at the country club for Mother's Day. After Carter's nap, we'll head to my Dads to spend time with them. Looking forward to a busy but fun w/e!! All of our w/e's recently & upcoming are so jampacked with wedding/baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Literally every Sat & Sun since Carter's b'day we have had something going on & sometimes multiple things in one day. We do get a break in 2 w/e's when we have NOTHING planned & I can't wait to just relax & not have to worry about a thing. Don't get me wrong, I love all the fun & craziness but sometimes it can get a little overboard! We are SO thrilled with all of our friends getting married/having babies this summer!! We love each & every one of you!!! :)

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