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Monday, February 28, 2011

Some reading, a haircut & a fun cookout

We had a fabulous w/e with the gorgeous weather & some fun festivities! Sat. my mom came over to go with C & me to Target to do a little shopping & they had Dr. Seuss reading from 9-11am to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. I wasn't sure how much C would enjoy this or really care since he doesn't like to read the Dr. Seuss books we have at home but he had a great time. They gave out little goody bags with treats so of course he was happy. :) He got involved when they asked if someone wanted to pick out the next book to read & even grabbed one to read himself.

He thought it was fun to sit next to the people that were reading out loud in the other bean bag chair...I'm thinking we may need to invest in one of those.

This little girl LOVED Carter...she wouldn't let him out of her sight!

J & C had haircut appts at noon. I didn't take any pics but I told Jaime to cut it pretty short since his hair has been growing so looks much better! Sun. C & I went to church by ourselves...J was working & then I had a baby shower to go to & then we went to our friends Kerri & Daniel's house to have a little cookout & see Miss Maci again who was born on V-day. Of course she slept most of the time & is such a little doll! They recently bought a big blow-up jumpy thing with a slide & ball pit & the kids loved it of course. C was in the ball pit majority of the time...

C & Callie (Maci's big sis)

C, Walker & Christian

He had a blast being pushed around in this car & of course playing with the trains that rode with him in the car.

Quick update on us...J has been busy with work but been able to work from home at night & on the w/e so he can still hang with us which we love. I've been feeling almost back to normal but had some pretty wicked headaches last week. I'm 14 wks & on the verge of having to get back into my maternity's amazing how you start showing so much faster the 2nd time around. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

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