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Monday, January 31, 2011

We had a fabulous w/e!

The weather could not have been more perfect this w/e! I just wish it could stay that way all the time...70 & sunny. My w/e started out with a much needed mexican dinner with the girls on Fri night. I got home just in time for bath time, reading & snuggling before bed with my little man. Sat. C went with his Papaw & Lala to lunch in Gadsden to visit with Lala's mom & celebrate her b'day. He was actually a surprise for her & they had a great time. As soon as he got home, we headed over to the local park to play. He had only napped a little in the car but seemed energized & I didn't want to waste the precious day inside. Sun. was spent at church & then I helped hostess a "sprinkle" for my friend Meagan who is having her 2nd boy in early March.

The diaper wreath I made...she has a safari animal theme in Levi's room.

The mom-to-be & her adorable banner.

Megs & her hostesses

Now I know y'all don't really care about pics of me & what's a post w/o pics of C anyway?! :) This was taken right after we got home from church...J took these pics & couldn't get the camera in time but C completely crawled through the middle part of the coffee table under the glass from one side to the next. Now I've seen our 10 lb cat crawl through but not my 30 lb toddler...what a nut! He never ceases to amaze me!!

I was actually supposed to be in Indiana tonight for work but if you've been watching the news/weather you probably saw that a huge & I mean HUGE snow/ice storm is coming through the whole midwest starting tonight thru Wed. They've said they will probably have to measure the snowfall in feet not inches. Not to mention there are supposed to be winds of 25 mph & with the temps in the teens that just sounds brutal! So I'm very thankful that we could reschedule for Fri b/c I was not wanting to get stuck in Fort Wayne, IN for days on end! The high is only supposed to be 18 though...these 60 degree days are almost over here too unfortunately. :(

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