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Saturday, January 1, 2011

McWane Center

Warning: There are LOTS of pics in the post...this place is 4 stories of fun so there is tons to do!

We went yesterday morning with a group of friends & their kiddos to the McWane Center downtown. C loved it which we knew he would & we went ahead & bought a yr membership...I know we'll get our money's worth.

Sweet Walker loved this space shuttle & didn't want to leave.

Callie & Carter playing in the sand...

David & C were wearing matching pants.

He was not loving the booties you had to wear over your shoes to get in the snow area.

He decided to taste the snow...right after the lady told me that it was the same material they use to make diapers...gross! It felt cool though.

This little girl asked me to take her picture & then asked if I thought C & her could be friends...then she started doing introductions, asking our names, etc...very friendly girl to say the least. :)

J & C decided to go ice fishing...

...but C had a better idea...
...why not be the fish?!?

In the winter wonderland upstairs they had a huge slide going down the escalator...

You had to be 3' to go down it which I'm pretty sure C is but the red line they had was a bit high...I guess they didn't care b/c he rode quite a few times & would've kept going if we didn't make him go downstairs to find everyone else.

We had so much fun & can't wait to go back again soon!!!!

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