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Monday, January 3, 2011

1 week from right now...

We will be in Glendale, Arizona sitting in our seats at University of Phoenix stadium for the National Championship game watching our Auburn Tigers hopefully clobber those Oregon Ducks!! And we CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :) We actually fly out in less than 4 days...I can't believe it's already here! What I'm really looking forward to is the change in climate!!! The highs here will be the lows there & it is supposed to be in the high 60's for most of the trip....that balmy weather is to die for! We had a little taste of that here on new years eve...70 & I was LOVING it!!! We will seriously miss our little buddy though...I always hate to leave him but with this kind of trip it just wouldn't work with a toddler & no babysitter. :) He is already talking about Tishy & Shashe...he just eats up their spoilage! :)  To all my AU fans...WAAAAAR EAGLE & we hope to see you out there!!!!!!!

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