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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, a new table

Today we finally got our new kitchen table...a very long overdue kitchen table. We had one before but it was a "2-top" (in restaurant lingo) and was a pub table at that. This worked well with C in his highchair but he has so outgrown that thing & the only really good use he gets out of it now is to get away from the pups while he's eating. I was wondering how he'd react with this new change but he completely surprised me & hopped right in it like it had been there all along even before it was dinner time. He has used his booster seat before so I guess he knew which seat should be his & pulled the chair out & tried to climb in. Once we got him in & pushed him to the table, he was banging on it like this was nothing new. He even pushed his chair back up to the table once he got out...absolutely precious & what manners! :)

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