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Friday, March 6, 2009

36 weeks & counting...

We had our 36 week appt. yesterday afternoon & it was the first time for her to check me to see if I was measuring any which I am 1cm dilated & 75% effaced! Go figure after I had these crazy contractions on Wed. night that made me think or worry that I was going into was the first time I had felt any sort of contractions so I had no clue. I was at dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Jenny, Em & Mary Ruth. I had started having some lower pains earlier in the day but it was a crazy afternoon at work so I just assumed my body was tired & letting me know that. Well once we got to dinner they were getting progressively worse & I was doing my best just to sit there & enjoy my time with the girls. I finally got to the point where I couldn't even concentrate on the conversation anymore or even contribute to it so I was like ok girls I think I need to get home. The funny thing was all of a sudden the waitress was boxing up our food, Jenny & MR had their watches out timing my contractions, Em was on the phone with her sister who has had a baby & is prego w/#2 and then the manager comes over & starts joking with us about how there are only a few bad things that can go on in a restaurant & one of them is someone going into labor! It was definitely a drama scene & I'm sure we were highly entertaining to our neighbors trying to enjoy their meals. Once I got home & was standing in my driveway chatting with the girls I was totally was very strange but it def. made me have a quick reality check that Carter could come any day now so in I went to pack my bag!

I sent out a quick email yesterday right after my appt. to give everyone a quick update & I think I freaked some ppl out. I forgot that not everyone knows what the whole "1cm dilated" really means so I had ppl thinking I was having Carter last night...I got responses like "oh my gosh so are you in labor?? or are you having him tonight???" Just to clarify, I could be 1cm or even a few cm dilated for weeks & have nothing happen. My doctor said his head is down there & in position but they give us due dates for a reason (remember mine is 3/31) b/c that is when it is most likely he will come or their best prediction. So we are not thinking he is coming anytime soon but you just never know. My next appt. is next Thursday so we will see if I am dilated anymore at that point. I'm really just happy that I am starting the process & everything is going in the right direction b/c some ppl never even dilate even when they get induced & have to have a c-section. I truly am so blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy so far & just hope that the good times keep on rolling! :)

Quick update on Justin. He is still pretty sick...he has had headaches, fever, chills, cough and just doesn't feel well. He was so pitiful at the doctor's appt. yesterday...he had his head resting up against the wall in the room while we waited on the doctor to come in. He did go into work this morning so maybe he is finally starting to get over this virus. We'll see.

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  1. Ashley, I was 3cm dilated & 99% effaced for three weeks and still had to be induced at 39 weeks. I am so glad to hear that your appointment went well!