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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swim swim

These are soooo old but better late than never!! We bought a blow up pool to use in the backyard this summer...I think we've used it once so far...but it was fun & we really need to get it out again to beat this terrible heat!

Somebody really wanted to get in...
Warming up to it...

Finally realizing how much fun it is...
Check out his combover...I thought it was hilarious!
I couldn't get over how funny it looked!
Somebody else wanted to get in...our pets aren't nosey by any stretch of the imagination. :)
Our backyard isn't completely flat so there was a slight incline which allowed for a fun little slide in the pool b/c he would basically slip on the bottom when he stood up would make him go under & slide down to the end (kind of like a slip 'n slide) & he loved it!
Afterwards we stripped down & ate a snack...on the floor...naked.

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