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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gone baby gone

Carter's paci is outta here!!!!!!! Thanks to my lovely MIL who took care of C this past w/e & officially pulled the "plug" on him. We had discussed it awhile ago but I wasn't sure if she was still planning on going through with it or not but she did & he's doing great. He really doesn't seem to miss it except at bedtime when he would usually just crawl in the bed & go to sleep on his own. Now he just needs to be rocked to sleep or have his back rubbed which I love anyway & only get to do when he is sick. We did have an early morning wake-up call at 5:45am on Mon. after getting in late Sun. night from Cancun...not fun & I was just praying that this was not going to be an ongoing occurrence. This morning he slept til 7am...whew! He did stay up late last night though b/c we went to the Barons game. I had girls night tonight & J said it took him about 45 min to get him to sleep so we will persevere & I'm sure it'll get better. I do love that he already seems so much more chatty now...he even said "roar" last night when I asked him about what a lion really sounds more like "rah" but it is super cute!!

We had a blast in Mexico & I've got some fun pics to share. Hopefully I'll get those up soon...I haven't even had time to do laundry yet much less download pics. I still feel like I'm catching up on sleep too even though Cancun is in the same time zone. Plus I went to the dr today & I have a UTI as I times. Guess I picked something up while down in Mexico...nothing a good old antibiotic can't knock out! Well I'm going to finish catching up on shows & then it's off to bed!!

Here are a couple of girls night pics stolen from Holli...

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