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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet 16

I know I say it over & over & it is so cliche, but I seriously can't believe how fast our little munchkin is growing!! He is 16 months going on FIVE I feel like sometimes. I love how quickly he picks up on things, the cute little way he looks when you can tell he is digesting what we're telling him, his contagious giggle, his fearless attitude (a bit scary sometimes though) & how ridiculously sweet he is!!

What he is up to these days...

- Words...dada, mama, ball, uh-oh, coco, night-night (new fav), go, bye-bye, shoes, juice, please (only once though :)) & whatever "nah-nah" or "woo-woo" means he says all the time too!
- He'll point to his tummy, hair, toes & nose. He will also open his mouth when you ask him to "ah".
- He signs for "more" and the rest of the time he grunts & points to what he wants. This happens often in the highchair pointing towards the fridge.
- He now leans in for kisses & sweet!
- He loves to "slam dunk" his diapers in the diaper genie.
- Any light switch he sees he reaches for. We have a light in the living room that has a remote to it...he loves switching the light on & off.
- He climbs up & down the stairs constantly, and does it pretty well.
- He is back to sleeping around 7-7. He had bumped up to not going to bed until 7:30 or a little later but he is so exhausted by the end of the day that a lot of times he is in bed before 7.
- His eating habits are a whole nother story. Some days he is a great eater but most days he just wants a lot of one thing. Applesauce, fruit strips or snacks, graham crackers, yogurt, corn, pinto beans, carrots...mostly good stuff but still I wish he would eat what all I give him & not just one item. He is not one to try new things but hopefully that will change with time.
- I have decided that his favorite color is yellow b/c anytime you see him carrying items around they are yellow...a block, star from his sorter, square from his "cookie jar", etc. I think it's cute that he already favors a certain color.
- He is obsessed with medicine of any kind. As soon as you grab a bottle & start going toward him he opens his mouth as wide as he's the funniest thing. I know we are blessed for that & hopefully it'll stay.
- He loves loves loves books...hooray for that!

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