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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jump Zone

My stepmom's boss invited us to her 4 yr old's birthday party at Jump Zone on Sat. Carter nor either of us had ever been to one of those "jump" places before but I know they're all the rage especially for that age group right now. We Carter had a BLAST...he could've stayed in that place for hours!!! I couldn't believe how much he enjoyed it. Of course we were the ones helping him get up to the slides which was quite a workout (see the last pic) when you're trying to hold a 26+ lb. squirming child & pulling both of you up these tiny inflatable stairs. Justin literally fell down or I should say slid down them with was too funny! Wish I'd gotten that on camera. :) So he started out here...
And he quickly moved onto here...
Already picking up the ladies...
The birthday girl taking a swing...

We got in the moon walk when no one else was in it, but he wasn't too interested in really standing or bouncing....he still thought it was fun though!

This is what he loved the flew down this thing! I tried to get a pic of J & C going down it but they went so fast all you got was slide.

There was one other smaller slide that you had to go through a huge blowup obstacle course to get to it that C went down by himself but I had already put my camera up at that point. He was in love with that place & was very upset when we had to go upstairs for pizza, ice cream & cake...I think he was the last one down there still wanting to play. I can't wait to take him back again sometime!! We all had a great time!

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