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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zoolight Safari

I have to say our trip tonight was a bit of a bust. I originally thought tonight would be a great night b/c it wasn't supposed to rain & it was still supposed to be warmer...well the cold came thru with the chilly wind which didn't make for a fun trip to the zoo! Now I'm regretting not going last night when they talked about rain that didn't make it until the middle of the night...oh well, you can't really predict the weather. C just wasn't feeling it either which didn't help. We did get to ride the train & see a bunch of the lights. We hope to go back after Christmas when our nieces are in town & all the cousins can go together.

This is before the train was even moving...

Chick-fil-a even had their own light display...

Too bad this turned out blurry but they had a "real" Santa way out in the woods waving as you rode by on the train.

And our failure at getting a pic in front of the blowup scene.

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