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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

17 months

And I thought we were active at 16 months...this boy is everywhere!!! And "side" meaning outside is his favorite place on earth right now. He wants to be there every waking moment that he can...and his wonderful little temper comes out if he doesn't get his way. He also loves to swing & stroll, of course, since those are both outdoor activities. He will walk up to the stroller & try to crawl in it.

He loves loves loves his books & wants to read all of them before bed. One of his favorites is one called "Eyes & nose, fingers & toes" & he'll let you know he wants to read it by lifting his leg up as if to wiggle his toes like the book says. It's funny all that he comprehends even when you don't realize it. He will say what the next page says before we even get to's amazing how their little brains work.

He'll tell you what the lion, cow and dog say but the lion is by far his favorite. We've decided that this is what he should be for Halloween this year. He will also point to his toes, feet, knees, tummy, mouth, nose or he prefers to point to your nose, ears and hair.

He loves shoes & asks to put them on if he sees them.

He has a favorite stuffed animal now, Buddy or "bubba" to him. It's a white dog with light blue spots. He was never been attached to any item before except his paci & I wouldn't necessarily call him attached but it's cute to see how excited he gets when he grabs his Buddy.

He's still sleeping 12 hours...about 7:30 to 7:30. The first week or two after paci got the boot, we had some late night wake-up times where J threatened to bring back the paci just for sleeping which I shot down...we are not going backwards. He is doing much better now & only wakes up every now & then. The whole family has been sick with this awful cough thing for awhile so I think that's what's been causing it. His naps have cut back a lot. He only takes 1 nap a day which he's been doing for awhile but they used to be 2-3 hrs & now it is only 2 hours max sometimes only 1.5 hrs. I'm blaming the paci removal for that.

I can't believe our little guy is about to be a year & 1/2 old!!!

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  1. here is to hoping that the naps will stretch back out! when we moved h from 2 to 1...they were painfully short and then she eventually stretched it back to 3 hours. try and remember to keep the lock on the wheels of the stroller so when he makes it up in there...the stroller stays put and doesn't leave him on his face on the you think i am just that smart or learned that the hard way?!? can't wait to see our little carter man in 2 weeks! see y'all this weekend.