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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beach - Take One

Everything has been wonderful since we've been down here!! We had to go to Plan B before we got here though...originally my MIL was going to bring C down on Sat while we went to the AU game but she got sick so my mom took C on Sat & we just went & got him Sun after church & drove down to the beach after that. It was a long day on Sun but once we got here we were already out at the beach & the pool & C was having a blast. He didn't mind the beach/sand as much as I thought he would...the ocean he isn't so excited about but once he gets out past the waves he is good. The sand has been more of an issue over the past few days but he will sit in his little chair or play with his toys on the towel. The pool has been fun but he even doesn't like to be in it that much but would rather sit on the edge & play with toys. Silly boy. He has been a trooper with sleeping and is actually still asleep right now at 10am!! He has even slept thru the alarm system testing they did around 9am this morning...I was not happy about that but it didn't last long & obviously didn't wake up our little cutie. We have had wonderful weather & love our condo right on the bottom floor by the pool...very convenient & we can lay out while C naps. We have mentioned multiple times about moving to the beach...wouldn't that be heaven?!? :)

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