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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 & 1/2 years old already?!?

WOW!! 18 months came much faster than I ever imagined!!! Our little sweet baby boy is a full fledge toddler & he's proud of it! He is on the move & officially running now too! He had his checkup this morning & unfortunately had to get FOUR shots...he actually had the necessary 3 & then we asked about the flu shot & since he won't be back until his 2nd b'day in March we decided we should go ahead & get it now rather than making a trip back just for that. So in came the nurse again & he was not happy about that...I wouldn't have been either! He was a trooper though & really didn't cry much at all...even after they pricked his finger. :( Poor thing. Here are his stats...

Height: 33" (75th percentile) 
Weight: 27 lbs 13 oz (75th percentile) - I really thought he was going to be 30+...he's a chunker! :)
Head Circum: 20.25" (hadn't changed from 15 mos which kind of shocked me but he's still floating way above the highest line on the charts)

- He is talking babbling up a storm these days...I swear he blatantly said "bicycle" the other day in the car...I know that so wasn't it but it sure sounded like it. I can make a lot of the things he says sound like real words. :) The newest thing he says while waving at anything, anywhere is "bye-bye...see you"'s so precious...I hope to get it on video soon. My other favorite is how he says "neigh" for the horse or pony...he says it like "naaaa" almost like in a valley girl voice...another I need to catch on video.
- At school this past month he started putting his toys up when one of us would get there to pick him up. He would see us, grab whatever toy he was playing with & go put it back in its place on the shelf & then come to us. We don't get him to put his toys who knows where that came from. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?!
- He can point to basically all his body parts and make most animal noises.
- His new favorite song/hand motion is the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
- He has 15.5 teeth...his bottom right canine is working on coming all the way in. Supposedly his 2 yr molars won't come in until he is about 2.5 & we won't even know when they do which works for me. :)
- He has become a big "sitter" & loves to sit in your lap to read books. All you hear is "sit...sit" while he walks over & plops himself down.
- I think he could read "Goodnight Moon"or "Brown bear, Brown bear" a million times & not get tired of them.
- Outside is still the greatest place on earth.

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