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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick update

I just realized that I never filled everyone in on how the 32 week appt went & now I just had my 34 week appt today...this whole pregnancy process goes by SO fast!!! Well these past few appts have been a real quick in and out so there isn't too much to share but she said I am measuring exactly how I should be right now (my tummy that is) and she estimates him to weigh b/w 4 & 5 pounds. I go back on March 5th for the big appt where they start to measure & see if I am dialating at all yet. I can't believe that is in 2 weeks!!

Justin hopes to have the nursery completely finished this w/e. All the carpets upstairs are getting steam cleaned on Saturday & he is working on building Carter's new closet system. We couldn't find anything we liked anywhere that wasn't made of cheap particle board so he decided he could build the shelves and hanging bars on both sides of the closet himself. Justin has become quite the handy man throughout this whole "make a nursery" process. It has been fun! I will put up some updated pics soon. I called about the recliner today & it is still not in but as soon as it comes in they are delivering all of his furniture...I can't wait to see it all put together! We are getting our new chest of drawers for the foyer delivered tomorrow...I am anxious to see how it looks. I also have the big girly baby shower on Sunday that I am looking very forward to. I can't wait to see all my college girls and others that I don't get to see very often! I'll have to post pics from that too. Oh and Laura gave me a disk with my prego pics on it so I need to go through it & pick out a few to put on here so everyone can see my big 'ole belly! :) You'd think since I had the day off on Monday that I could get to all of this but it has been a crazy week!

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