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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christian Crunk

Our church just started a new fitness class on Tues. nights called "Christian Crunk" & I finally got a chance to go tonight & loved it!!! Jam is the woman who started it...she has taught classes before at Gold's Gym. It is a hip-hop dance class which is right up my alley. Jam actually attends Church of the Highlands & has started a small group where she has a devotional first & then leads the class. She has now brought this class to's free & so much fun! So if anyone wants to join me on Tues. nights @ 6:30 for an hour & 1/2 of fun & fellowship, come one, come all!

In other news...

We had a fabulous 4th of July & hope everyone else did too!! Justin & I had a last minute invitation to go down to Panama City with our friends Chris & Jennifer & stay at her parents beach house for the w/e. We debated on whether or not we should take Carter since they don't have a pool & I didn't know how much he would like sand or if the water would be oil free or not. We ended up deciding not to take him & let the grandma's spoil him all w/e...which they did...but we missed him TONS! I think I missed him more this time than I ever have before when we have gone out of town...not that I don't normally miss him b/c I do terribly, but I just thought about him constantly & wondered what all he was doing, getting into, etc. He is just too much fun these days & I hate to miss anything new he learns, says, or even his silly facial expressions...we were def. ready to get back to see him yesterday!! There were multiple times that I said "we should've brought Carter!" especially when the water was crystal clear & almost as warm as bath water...he would've loved it! Of course there were double red flags at first, then just one red flag & finally yellow the last 2 days due to a strong undertow but still. We did get to go out on their boat all day on Sat. which would've never been an option if he was there...we even swam with some dolphins! They were so awesome & just kept swimming up to our boat! If only I had my camera. :( The fireworks on Sun. night were amazing on the beach. There were just miles & miles of them going off constantly for hours & some of them were HUGE...I couldn't believe how many ppl had them & especially the really big ones. Now I understand how those little firework places stay in business & only have to be open for 3 holidays a year. We really enjoyed ourselves, got some great sun, ate some delicious seafood & got to really enjoy the ocean before it is ruined by this terrible oil catastrophe!

Oh & here are the only pics I took from our July 4th festivities...the yummy dessert Jennifer helped me whip up!

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