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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 months today

So EARLY this am (7:30 - that's early for me!) we had C's 15 mo. appt & here are his stats:

Height: 31.75" (75th percentile)
Weight: 24 lbs 13 oz (55-60th percentile - a bit skewed)
Head Circ: 20.25" (off the charts - shocker)

Both his head & body grew a 1/2" from his 1 yr check-up. That head just keeps growing & growing! :) The poor kid has only gained about 4 oz from his 1 yr check-up which is technically not right. Since we both had the stomach flu last week, I think we both lost some weight...happy for me but felt bad for Carter man. He actually lost about 4-5 oz from his weigh in at his sick visit last week so I would say he has lost a good lb & a 1/2 from what he would normally be. His appetite has changed a lot recently (diminished that is) & his food preferences have changed a lot recently too. I guess he is just going through a transition phase or something...who knows.

He got 2 shots...MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) & the HIB. Dr. Smith said he looked great & was a healthy little boy. When he walked in the door the first thing he commented on was how well he was walking....he said he was walking better than most kids his age...good to hear & know! He also said his canines are coming in & you can really see them if you pull his upper lips back like he they look huge & I'm sure painful!! So we were right that he is teething & supposedly those are some of the worst that will come in...hopefully they'll come in quick & with the least amount of pain as possible! That might explain the appetite/food issues too.

What he is up to recently ~
- He says the usual "mama, dada, coco (all animals are coco), ball, uh-oh, go, no & shoes is the newest word (mommy taught him sounds like "chews" & is so precious!)"
- He started pointing a few weeks ago & he'll point up or at a light if you ask him "where's the light?".
- He climbs up & down the stairs constantly...that's pretty much his new fav. game.
- He has mastered our horizontal door handles...we haven't really found a lock we love for them yet but that is on our short list. He also loves going in & out of the animal/child gate we have inb/w the foyer & den...mastered that lock too.
- He has extended his bedtime to around 7:45 or so. I love that I don't feel so rushed to feed him, bathe him & get him to bed. We can really enjoy some fun play time with him after work.
- Oh & an update on the milk situation...milk does a body good, as long as it's 2%! Yea for drinking milk!!

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