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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A few firsts today

Today was a big day for Carter & me! Carter got his first haircut this afternoon which he desperately needed since his hair was getting on the verge of a mullet. He did so well & I really think it helped that we take him with us every time we get our haircut with Jaime so he can get used to the atmosphere. 

Not really digging the cute penguin (they are my fav!) cape.
His hair before...

Daddy got his haircut too!
What are y'all about to do to me?!?

We love our Jaime!!
A good after shot!
All smiles!

Check out all of my teeth!

And I got to use my sewing machine for the first time tonight!! My MIL kindly offered to help/show me how to use it so I could hem my bridesmaid dress for Em's wedding that is this w/e...yes I waited 'til the last min! It was so much fun & I learned all sorts of things. I can't wait to get started on some projects. I think my first one will be something easy...I think I may make a pillow for Carter's chair in his room since I've got some leftover material from when my wonderful SIL made his awesome bedding & curtains. I figure that can't be too tough. Then maybe I can tackle a jon-jon or all my spare time right?!? :)

Oh & a quick shout out to one of my best friends Amy who had her first sweet baby today...Blake Shaw Barnes!! Congrats to you, Ben & your whole family & I am just dying to get to ATL to meet him!!

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