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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dad's Day!

Here he is "riding" his Father's Day present...a new bike. That's what he really wanted & I of course don't know a thing about bikes so I let him pick it out for himself. It is a street/mountain bike...doesn't have the really skinny tires or the big chunky ones either. Hopefully this won't be one of those sporadic purchases that never gets used...I think this all goes back to the Diamond Dash race we participated in where we rode bikes for over 2 hours. It is great exercise & he mentioned getting me one & then either adding a seat on the back of one or a pull wagon type thing for C...I'll keep u posted on that. :)

I hope all you Dads out there (I know my Dad & my FIL read my blog often) have had a wonderful day & w/e!! We really appreciate all you do for us!

In other news, we have had one sick baby this w/e!! It started out Sat. morning where I sat him down in his highchair to eat some b-fast & he just threw up all of a sudden but nothing big. Well we had plans to go to the zoo with Justin's Dad & Stepmom @ 9 when they open to beat the crowd & heat. They ended up coming over to our house & Carter seemed fine, no fever or anymore sickness, so on we went to the zoo. We had a blast & I got TONS of pics (upcoming post) & even though we were hot he seemed perfectly fine. Well later on in the afternoon after his nap, I sat him down in his highchair again to eat a snack & he instantly got sick again...very strange. He is totally fine except for that, eating normal, no fever, happy as a lark, etc. We try to run out to the store & he starts projectile vomiting in his car seat right after we leave. At this point, I head to the store to grab some emetrol...never used it before but my SIL said she has given it to my nieces & it has helped. You're supposed to give a 2 yr old & up 1-2tsp so we gave him a 1/2 tsp...I figure that's the rule of thumb for everything else that is over the age limit for C.  (Some ppl might gasp at the fact that I didn't call the dr first, but as much as I've called them before about things that say "consult a physician" I figured it was probably safe.) The emetrol does seem to help but later on that night he starts getting sick the other way too. I do have to say that we have been very fortunate that he has only gotten sick like this one other time. I can't tell you the last time I have washed as many loads of laundry as I did yesterday in one day. Today though we have had no vomit just the other & he has guzzled I don't know how much pedialyte so at least I know he is hydrated. Poor thing has terrible diaper rash though which has made it so hard to change his diapers when you know how bad it is hurting him. Appetite hasn't been too great today but he has been his same old self. So here's to hoping that this is just a 24 hr bug or so & that he is back to his normal bowel functions tom! :) If not, we'll be making our way to Vestavia Peds.

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