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Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Personality

Just picked Tig up from the vet after dropping him off this am to get stitches taken out of his ear. He had a hematoma (I almost attached a link from wikipedia but decided I wouldn't make you gag with the gigantic picture of a guy's thigh with a little butt cheek showing that is off to the side) 3 weeks ago tomorrow on his ear. The vet said this is very uncommon in cats but is caused from them shaking their head profusely due to something in the ear or an ear infection which is what Tig had. They basically put them under & poke holes in the ear to help it drain & then come back 2 wks later to remove the stitches. Well I guess it didn't work the first time b/c his ear filled back up with fluid within a week & we were back at the vet forking out another $200+ to get this thing drained. Justin sarcastically mentioned just putting him down which I said was cruel & terrible & even though he basically sucks & has to stay locked up in his room downstairs, he still is a living being. I was shocked today that it was only ~$47...they have to gas him which is anywhere from $40-$60 usually since you can't even get a finger on him & then remove all the stitches & such. I didn't ask, gladly signed the receipt & was out the door. They see us so often with our 4 little cuties & I think the vet felt bad since it didn't work the first time & we almost had to come back a 3rd time after it started filling up a little again. Anyway I'm glad that's all over & we don't have to worry about checking his ear constantly. On a side note...I took Coco with me the first time I took him in to get her weight checked to see if she was big enough for her own box of heartworm meds (she'd been getting samples every mo)...she was already 39.5 lbs!! She will by far surpass Bailey in the height & weight category...I'm calling 70+ lbs. She's actually already the same height as B so we'll just have to see how tall she will be.

What's a post w/o some pics...just a few random shots of some of our "other" children...

I was sweeping the floor & stuck the kitchen mat out on the railing...when I went back out to get it, this is what I found. Anything that is out of place Lucky Loo must inspect & she loves to maker her self comfortable...hence the next few pics.

Coco being a bum...half on-half off her bed.

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