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Monday, June 14, 2010

Carter's in jail?!?

Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad!! His b'day was Sat. so we had them & my brother over to celebrate. I cooked a late morning brunch for everyone & Shirley brought a delicious homemade chocolate cake for dessert. The icing was even homemade...yum!

At one point Carter managed to sneak away from everyone & wandered into our bedroom where he found Coco's crate. I guess he thought it looked like a fun place to play so he crawled right in.

What a mischievous face!

Working on his leg lifts I guess...silly boy.

The rest of the w/e was nice & pretty uneventful. We went to dinner on Fri. night with the newlyweds Chris & Jennifer (pics to come from their beautfiul wedding 2 wks ago at the beach). Sun. J went to do yard work at his grandmothers & C, me & my brother went to my moms to also do some yard work. Boy was it hot...this humidity is insane!!

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  1. Too cute! Maddox loves playing in our dog crates too! Yours looks a little more spacious though!