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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's all in the family

Sickness that is!! I have caught whatever bug/virus Carter has & boy is it miserable. I stayed at home from work yesterday even though I didn't feel too terrible but had gotten sick early that morning. Well as the day progressed it got worse & last night was horrible. I can't keep anything down & I have had these crazy stomach cramps. C went to school yesterday & was totally fine but I think he may be having a relapse as he woke up with throw up in his bed & the lovely spastic diarrhea is back! (Sorry if I'm grossing anyone out.) J has stayed home to take care of us today....I just hope he doesn't come down with this either or else we'll all be in a lot of trouble. We took C to the dr this am but he said that there is just a terrible virus going around & there is really nothing we can do. So we'll just be at home waiting this all out. I am enjoying getting to watch The Price is Right right now while laid up on the couch. :)

A random note....

For those fellow bachelor/bachelorette watchers or those that just hear about all the drama of it in the news...who knew this wasn't coming?!?!!?,,20396018,00.html

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  1. Oh yuck, that's no fun! Hope you and Carter are feeling better soon! Hopefully Justin can avoid it too! And yeah I can't say I'm too surprised about the bachelor news either. That was a disaster from the start!