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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We started our day off bright & early at the doctor's office b/c Carter woke up with a swollen right eye & we weren't sure why. Last night was when we first noticed that his eye looked kind of droopy. It was almost instant b/c J & I both noticed it basically at the same was very strange. First thing I thought was maybe he had inherited Justin's lazy eye he gets every now & then & that it just hadn't come out until now. But then the more I thought about it & looked at him, the more I wondered what was causing it. So of course I pick up the laptop & start digging around the internet...always a bad idea but it is the quickest way to find answers & to scare the you know what out of you. The first thing that came to mind was a stroke. Now I know that sounds crazy & is way more common in adults but I almost thought the right side of his face could have been losing sensation & we'd never know. So I know that was way too far fetched & probably worst case scenario. The other things I read about were things like Bells Palsy which is a temporary loss of nerve function but it goes away after a few weeks normally without medication so that didn't sound so bad if that was the case. It didn't seem to bother him & he didn't act any different so I figured we'd let him sleep on it & we'd see how it looked in the am. And he woke up looking like he was half chinese/japanese...

Now we did get good news from the ped. He didn't see anything (sting, irritation, etc) & all his vitals/physical attributes looked normal. So he just said to give him a few doses of benadryl & he should be good to go. He did say if it gets worse or if his eye starts to look red & irritated then we'll have to readdress the situation. So far the swelling has gone down...he did say the swelling gets worse at night since they are lying horizontal & not standing to let it drain down. It is still puffy & his upper lid is still pink color but we are heading in the right direction. At least he acts like it doesn't affect him one bit so that's a plus. The ped. did mention how he's cutting some teeth...those canines are making there way out (top right one has already broken thru) which hasn't been the most comfortable time for him but we have our good days & bad ones.

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