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Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Sonogram Pics

So here are our first sonogram pics...sorry they are so small but this is the first time for me to use our scanner at the house - the one at work only scans them to a PDF instead of picture format. These were taken at our first appt. on August 18. This appt. felt like it took years to finally get here! Here is the background to the "finding out I was pregnant" story...I had just gotten off birth control a month earlier than we were planning on starting to try since I had been on it for so long I figured it would be good to have a month off to let my body get "back to normal" or whatever. Well Tuesday, July 22 rolls around when I used to always start on BC and I didn't big deal, maybe I'm not a 28-day cycle. Well come Wed. my good friend Laura at work is determined I am prego & says she has a test at home & is going to get it at lunch & then we can do it in the bathroom that afternoon. I thought she was crazy but agreed. Well around 2:30 we head to the bathroom & take the test. I bring it out & haven't a clue how to read it except to look for a + sign. Well the vertical line was very prominent & had shown up immediately & the horizontal was sort of faint so both of us were unsure if that was considered a + or not...then we compared it to the little insert that comes with it & the vertical line is the one you are supposed to be looking for the whole time. Of course there were some cheerful screams at that point & OMG I'm pregnant!!! It is the strangest feeling to be not pregnant one minute & then pregnant the is indescribable. I had a conference call scheduled at 3 which I don't think I remember or listened to a single thing on that call. I called Justin after that & we bought another test after work to do together which this time we got a digital one that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant"...much easier to read. :) So after all that fun & excitement I called the doctor the next day to schedule my appt. & she said I couldn't come in until 8 weeks! I was like I have to wait a whole month before I can even come in!!! That was by far the longest 4 weeks EVER!

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