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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Diary...

Well I'm addicted already!! Who knew this could be so much fun! I seriously feel like I should be writing "Dear Diary" at the top of each entry but I guess I'll get past that at some point. :) So today has been a slow, boring day for me at work & the weather outside is not making things any better. I am thrilled that AU is off this w/e & we aren't going to be out of town like we have been for the past 2 months it seems. Justin & I are both nursing colds right now which has been no fun but it was a great excuse on Tues. when I had my 16 week appt. to why I was going to the doctor. I have been awaiting my yearly review from my boss which was due Oct. 10 before I spill the beans about being pregnant. I figure I don't want my pregnancy hindering me from getting a promotion or nice raise since there is a possibility I won't be back after the baby is born. He mentioned a few days before it was due something about getting it done in the next few days but then he said "b/c I promised you I'd have it done in Oct." which made me realize he would probably drag it out to Oct. 31 which is normally how he does things around here...everything is last minute. But then earlier this week the review was mentioned again & that it would be done this week...well it is 4:00 on Friday & I don't see it happening within the next hour so, so much for that! So by the time I do finally get my review then I can tell them that "I am halfway through my pregnancy and I am having a ___!" That'll be interesting I'm sure!!! Happy Friday to all!


  1. Hey, I had not heard your news ... Congratulations! I see you got suckered into the world of blogging. I tried to put it off, but once you start it is pretty addicting.

  2. HEY!! Thanks for reaching out to me. I had not heard yet you guys were expecting your first. What exciting news! I too have become addicted to blogging. My stories and adventures are only about Corey & I plus the pets but they are like my babies. : )