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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sooo tired...

Well after a LONG w/e of Halloween & baby showers, I had to fly to Charlotte, NC for work at 6am on Monday morning. That means my alarm was going off at 3:30am!!! We were already into Charlotte at 7:15am our time...I'm normally barely awake at that point in the morning. We had to inspect a retail property on Monday morning and then an assisted living facility this morning to see if we wanted to finance them or not. All in all it was an ok trip but I was glad to be home this afternoon so I could still go vote and get my free Ben & Jerry's ice cream. :) While I was gone, Justin had to take apart our dishwasher in order to save a chipmunk that kept getting under or behind it. This wasn't any chipmunk either but the white-tipped tail one that our neighbor cherishes. I've feared the day that we find this one in our house or especially dead. Luckily Justin saved him and set him free back in their yard.

Jenny & I threw Shannon's baby shower at our house on Sunday...she's having her second boy. It was a beautiful day & the shower went really well. It was the first time that I had attempted to make a boa wreath for the door & for Shannon to take with her...I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll have to put up pics of the shower when I get them from Jenny, hopefully she took a picture of it. I went ahead and ordered a bunch of boas in light pink & light blue online knowing I would easily use them over the next year or so with all the babies on the way! Less than a week until we find out what we are having...Veterans Day (11/11) at 1 is our appt...we CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Oh and my early morning trip was worth it since my boss told me we are doing my review FINALLY tomorrow morning...hopefully it'll go well!!

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  1. Ashley-
    You are cracking me up with all your Critters!! I am amazed at all of your little ones (and guests!) Bravo to J for saving the Chipmunk! I know you are so glad that the review is finally going to that it is November! Have any awesome day. Can't wait to find out what baby Flurry will be!!! ~whitney
    P.S. looking forward to seeing your boa wreath too! I love those!