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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can't believe it's been a year!

Well yesterday was our 1 year it is amazing how fast time flies by!!! Just thinking back on wedding planning, our wedding day & going away to Jamaica on our honeymoon...if I could only go back & be there right now lying on the beach instead of here in 25 degree weather. :) Well it has been a wonderful newlywed year & now we have a baby on the way so what more could we ask for?!?! Thanks to everyone for our sweet phone calls, cards, emails, etc. It meant a lot that we were thought of so fondly on our special day! :) As far as celebration goes we went to lunch together at J. Alexander's, my favorite, and then Justin had his last softball game of the season @ 6:30 that night so we postponed our anniversary dinner to tomorrow night. See how nice of a wife I am to let him get away with that & to go sit out there, as Bailey & I usually do, in the freezing cold to watch him play. Of course I was all bundled up with a coat, gloves, a blanket & even a mug of yummy hot cocoa...I was set! :) I did thaw out our cake topper & we enjoyed some delicious wedding cake on our anniversary...thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for preserving & storing it for us all year. It is a lot of cake! Here is a pic I took of it with the first piece cut out...

And here is Lucky who snuck on the counter (she lost her collar the other day...typical she is rather sneaky now w/o her bell) who decided she wanted to try some wedding cake too! She's a mess!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Can't believe its been a year! Hope you are doing well!