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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A relaxing but productive Saturday...

First off, AU won today thank goodness! That would've been worse than AL losing to La-Monroe last year for Homecoming (on our wedding day :)) so glad we pulled through on that one. As much as I can't stand LSU and their obnoxious fans, I was definitely pulling for a win over AL today which was close with OT but they just couldn't pull it off. We decided not to go to AU this w/e as we have gone to every other home game & we'll be down there next w/e for the GA game. Before all the games started, Justin was already kicking into his "nesting" and completely reorganized the garage and even bought a new shelving system for all our tools, supplies, etc. He also attempted to blow the leaves off the walkway and driveway which was a total waste as they were completely covered again in a few hours. It looked like it was snowing leaves all day with the wind. I actually put the first baby items up in the nursery as my sister-in-law gave me a ton of baby wash, shampoo, lotion, etc. that she can't use on our niece as her skin is very sensitive. Thanks Sara as we are stocked up for quite awhile now! :) I'm so anxious for Tues. to get here so we can find out what we are having & I can start shopping for things! I've been talking about it all w/e...only 3 more days to go!! Oh and Mr. Tigger got the boot to the full bath downstairs as Justin & I discovered a huge spot behind the stereo down there today where he had been relieving himself...seriously took a 1/2 roll of paper towels to soak it up! We were going to put him in the garage but I just think it is getting too cold & we don't use that bathroom anyway so why all he has is tile to go on so he can't ruin anything else! Jenny came by today to borrow something to wear to a tea tomorrow & I realized how wonderful it is to have her back here in AL & living right down the road from me. I've missed my best friend who was living across the country for so long & now she's back!!! :) I'm now listening to Justin starting to slightly snore on the couch next to me so I guess it's time for bed...I know I need to get as much sleep now that I can! I hope to be good & finally get on here & put some pics up tomorrow...we'll see.

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