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Baby Flurry #2


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are having a..............

boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
We are absolutely thrilled...I thought boy all along so I guess my motherly intuition was right. :)Baby Boy Flurry was measuring 20 wks 6 days today so he is still about a week ahead. He weighs 14 oz & is in the 93rd percentile which means he is growing very well. His heart rate was 157 today & all his measurements looked great. I am attaching a few sonogram pics from today but we don't have any good facial pics since he wasn't really cooperating. His head was down the whole time with his chin resting on his chest...kind of funny looking. But, that means we get to do another sonogram (darn :)) next time to see his sweet little face. I can't remember if I already said or not that my terrible insurance only covers 1 sonogram, which is ridiculous, unless it is medically necessary & then they'll cover it. The doctor has to do at least 2 to make sure in the beginning that the baby is in the right place & not ectopic & then the 20 week to do all the measurements & make sure everything is growing properly & there aren't any problems. So anytime I get another one w/o having to pay is very nice. Our next appointment is Friday 12/12 & for this appt. I have to fast & not eat or drink anything after midnight so they can do the gestational diabetes test. We have been very blessed so far with great news every appt. so hopefully things will go well for this also. I have gained 3 lbs which I was happy to hear as I'm still not really showing very much & I just want to make sure that I'm gaining like I should be which the doctor didn't seem concerned. I'm still not really in maternity clothes yet but I'm on the verge & have already purchased one of those belly bands so you can wear your normal clothes but have them unbuttoned/unzipped & no one knows. :) I finally told everyone at work after the appt. which was fun & I definitely shocked some & of course girls can't keep a secret so some already knew. My boss was surprised though especially that I was as far along as I was. So now everyone was hard enough keeping it a secret for the past 16 weeks! Well, we can't wait to meet our little man the end of March!!!
This pic isn't very clear but it shows the side of his head on the right.

This one is the bottom of his foot. I love this one. :)

This one shows his "boy parts" (by the red dot) & the umbilical cord (big blue dots) to verify that they aren't mistaking one for the other.


  1. Congratulations!! I am so excited for you and Justin!

  2. congrats ashley! that is so exciting!!!! i know you are thrilled to start shopping. let me know if you need anything! love ya!