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Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's been a while...

Well we have been extremely busy as usual over the past few weeks with Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating and of course lovely work. I have been so slammed with end of the year closings to work on...I'm just ready to be done & have my big fat bonus! :) Deals have just been piling up & I had to take another day trip to Sarasota, FL the Mon. before Thanksgiving which was a bittersweet trip. I had to fly out at 5:40am so I was up at 3am...YUCK!! I never sleep well those nights b/c you keep waking up thinking you've missed your alarm...horrible. Anyway the one positive about the whole trip was that it was rainy & freezing here and when I get to sunny FL it was 78 for the high...I LOVED IT!!! So I got my work done and on my way home my flight got delayed out of Sarsota which made me miss my flight home in ATL. The thing that really made me mad was the fact that I was racing when I got there to try to catch it (you know there are 5 concourses in ATL & of course I had to go from D to A) and I get there and the guy said they left at 8:03 when the flight was scheduled to leave at 8:06...they didn't even try to wait on me!!! Anyway of course there was a flight about an hour & 1/2 later that I got on but I had to sit in the very back where there is no window and the seat in front of me had a jet next to it blocking the view...literally the last row. I hate not being able to see out...I'm a total window person when it comes to flying! I can't stand it when you can't even tell when you are landing b/c you can't see anything. I finally got home at 10pm to go straight to the kitchen to cook a sweet potato casserole for our work Thanksgiving lunch the next day. I was SO ready for a long 4 day weekend!!!

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. We had the mothers and my brother to our house on Thanksgiving day & of course had a huge feast. Our brother-in-law was on call down in Mobile so they couldn't come in town but we look forward to seeing them Christmas! We went and spent time at my Dads that night & then to Justin's Dads the next night. We also got our Christmas card picture taken on Thanksgiving. Nothing special just us and the pets in front of our fireplace...I think it turned out pretty well. Justin was doubting the fact of having all 3 animals that close together to take a picture but they cooperated fairly well. The funny part was that I was holding Lucky & Tig was inbetween us & Justin had Bailey next to him & the whole time the cats are just staring at her was pretty funny! The cards should be in any day now & out ASAP. We went to Kerri & Daniel's on Sat. to watch the horrible Iron Bowl...embarrassing...but we still had a good time seeing everyone especially Katie who was in town from NYC. We really miss her! There was quite a crowd & luckily it was about 1/2 AU & 1/2 AL fans so we weren't the only ones suffering. Sunday we went & got our Christmas tree & I made my homemade wreath out of the scraps, put the garland and lights up around the house & got most of the decorations out...I'll put some pics up sometime soon. It was a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Hudson is here! Shannon had her second baby boy late Monday night at 11:53 weighing 8 lbs. & 20.25 inches long. I went to see her yesterday but forgot to take my camera in so I'll have to get the pics from Jenny to put up here. He is a doll and has cute little fat cheeks!! How fun!

We also got our baby furniture ordered yesterday from Storkland in Vestavia...YEA!!! So happy to have something finally picked out for the nursery. I went fabric shopping the other weekend but still have to decide what I want to use & this will help now that I know what color the furniture is going to be. It is antique black...we really wanted a dark brown but we loved this furniture (I love the round feet) and the only other option they had was a cherry that was too red-brown for me. We got everything shown in the picture & also another taller and longer dresser that will be used as the changing table. What's fun about the bed too is that it breaks down into a toddler, then daybed and then a double bed when he's older. Now it is time to pick out the fabrics, paint color, oh & a nice comfy recliner/rocker! :)


  1. oh I like!! Very pretty. SO Sara is making the bedding for you? It is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see.

  2. I love the furniture!! I know you are getting so excited.