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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where did our weekend go?!?

To start I had my 24 week appt. on Friday morning. I had an appt. first thing since they were testing me for gestational diabetes which I passed! :) Not like I thought I wouldn't pass, but still glad I did. I had to fast and not drink or eat anything after midnight which wasn't a big deal but I was definitely starving by the time I left my appt. They make you drink a cup of this orange tasted like Sunkist to me...and then you have to wait an hour and then they prick your finger and make sure your blood sugar is at a certain level. So everything went well at my appt. I gained 5 lbs from my 20 week appt. which I was glad to hear since I had only gained 3 total by that point. I knew it would be a decent weight gain since my belly is def. out there now & I have hit numbers on the scale that I have never hit before. :) We tried to do another sonogram to see his little face but he still is not cooperating...he likes to keep his head tucked up under him. I put the pics up anyway that we got but all you can see is his rib cage, shoulders and upper body on the left & the side of his face or back of his head on the right. It is still so fun getting to see him & we will try again at my 28 week appt. on Jan. 8th.

I also got my haircut after work & decided to chop it off tired of trying to grow it out. Jaime, my hairdresser, just got back from Miami where she learned all about the latest cuts and styles so I just let her go a little crazy with my hair. I cut bangs!!! I can't remember the last time I've had bangs! She also cut a ton of layers which adds a lot of body to my flat is still growing on me & I am still learning how to style it, but I like it for the most part.

Saturday was a busy day as I had a baby shower to go to from 1-3 and then we had Lori & Jason's wedding at 6. I tried to get a little Christmas shopping done too & we went to Storkland & picked out a rocker/recliner for the nursery. The fabric will be a mint green with a real soft fuzzy texture and it is in little rows or sort of has a ribbed look. The chair is awesome as it swivels, rocks and reclines with the little arm to recline it down on the inside of the chair instead of a huge ugly arm on the outside. This chair was by far the most comfortable one they had & I can't wait to get it!!!

Sunday afternoon Jenny & I went to see the Radio City Rockettes which was SO fun!!! They put on an awesome show with live animails...sheeps and camels...and they even had Santa and these 2 little boys flying threw the audience! It is amazing how much goes into each of these shows with costume changes, props, the orchestra, and the floor they danced on turned and had trap doors for props and people to come up from underneath. There was even a miniature ice skating rink on the end of the stage where a couple skated (see pics below). If you missed it, I highly recommend going to see it next year if they come to B'ham again!

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  1. Definitely glad to see you on here too! I'll add you to my list, so i can be sure to keep up with you! So excited about the little boy on the way!!! :)