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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cupcakes galore!

Warning: This post contains a ridiculous amount of pics!

Tues. the 30th was Carter's 1st b'day but we celebrated last Sat. at our house. The party was a cupcake theme with blue & green as the main colors. We had nearly 40 family & friends come to share this special day with us. THANK YOU to all who came, those that couldn't make it but brought gifts anyway, and for all the wonderful gifts Carter received...we are overwhelmed by your kindness & generosity!!!!!

These are pics taken by my wonderful brother & his sweet girlfriend Cassie...they were my photographer/videographers for the day...thank you again for all of your help!!! And I have to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing SIL who I wouldn't have been able to pull off this party without...seriously!!! Enjoy the pics!

Blow-up cupcake on the front porch...
Cupcake pinata that we will use for its intended purpose another time but it was good decor. :)
My b'day banner that I worked so hard on last can see it better in pics below.
The birth-to-1yr picture clothesline that wouldn't hold all of the pics I wanted...I think some of them had fallen off the mantle by this point. :)
The food spread...
My little cutie :)
"Mama" & the b'day boy
Shashe (Justin's Mom) & Carter man
Papaw (Justin's Dad) & Carter
Uncle Jason (my bro) & Carter being silly
The cupcake b'day outfit

Carter & little David
Isn't he precious?!
Making his silly face...
A better shot of the banner...

Carter & little David again
Carter gently "pet" his was sweet!
Carter showing Callie the dog door
Miss Callie...10 mos & already walking!!
Trying to take steps by himself...
Papa (my Dad) & C
It's cake time!!
Can you tell he LOVES to make that silly face?!?
We had to sing to him with the candle not close enough to grab...he was ready to dig in!!
Wearing the b'day crown Mommy made him...if that huge cupcake wasn't in front of him he would've tried to rip it off! :)
He LOVED the cake!

Do you like my white beard?!?
Miss Hadley (Carter's cousin)
Opening gifts...

Carter's big birthday present from us...a jumpy ball pit!

My precious little birthday boy...I love you to the moon & back!


  1. yay!! Happy Belated Bday to the little man!! He's too cute! and I have to say his red-headed cousin looks so much like me, when i was her age... ha!

  2. Ashley! Are you serious?????!!!! Did you take off work a month to prepare for that debut???? WOW, everything looked so good and PERFECT! Carter's the CUTEST thing!!! And that's the cutest cake I have ever seen in my life! Major props for that party! Wish we could have been there! See you at girls night! Shannon
    Oh.........loved the shout out!

  3. Great pics...wonderful party!!