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Friday, April 23, 2010

There's a first time for everything...

Justin & I went to have our physicals done for our new life insurance policies today. They told us to fast for 6 hours prior but since our appt. wasn't until 10:30 this morning, I didn't have anything after dinner last night so it was over 12 hours since I'd had anything other than water. And I guess I was weak b/c I definitely passed out while she was taking my blood...never done that before. As many times as I had to give blood prego & never had a problem other than getting over my fear of needles & blood...I couldn't believe it. All I can remember is it hurting while she put the needle in & then...this is a bit graphic...I could here the blood gurgling out into the vial & that is when I started feeling light headed & next I knew I woke up on the floor looking up at Justin & the nurse. I was very confused at first & thought I had just woken up from a dream...I was dreaming something but can't remember what. Then once I realized what happened they filled me in on how I just put my head down & kind of fell forward and that my legs got all stiff & my knees locked up. The nurse was glad Justin was there to catch me b/c it would have been tough trying to get the needle out of my arm & keep me from falling over. Talk about scary! Justin said it didn't scare him but it would've scared me, especially since they said my eyes were still open when I was laying on my back on the ground but they had just rolled back in my head...yuck! It was only less than a minute that I was out but still it was pretty intense for me & the poor nurse. She acted fine & said I just needed to be sure & lay down anytime I get blood drawn again. I felt so bad for her!! Of course I had to be really slow getting up & still felt very light headed. We left Justin's car there....oh & a quick update on his car from the other week, it cranked after Justin tried it again & luckily it was just the battery that was dying so no expensive repairs...hooray! We picked up some lunch & I still felt terrible & was so tired that he took me home so I could take a nap. I was back at work by 2pm & felt pretty normal the rest of the day. I do feel a bit tired now so I think I will be hitting the sack early tonight...probably here shortly. We have a busy w/e with a surprise party tomorrow night (more about that after the surprise in case the guest of honor reads my blog) to go to, Carter is staying with Justin's Dad & stepmom tom night & then I am helping host a bridal tea on Sunday afternoon. There is never a dull moment in the Flurry household!

Random note...we heard "Hootie" our neighborhood owl out right after work today when it is still very daylight which kind of surprised me since owls are nocturnal, so we took a stroll to see if we could spot him up in the trees & guess what?!?! There are TWO owls!!! Owls usually live alone (yes I've become a huge owl dork since we see & hear him all the time) so I'm really hoping this is a male & female pair & that we'll have some baby owls around here sometime in the near future...I bet they'd be so cute!! BTW, Harriet is the new owls name. :) Ok enough nature talk...I hope everyone has a wonderful w/e!!

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