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Sunday, April 4, 2010

What an eggcellent w/e!

Well we unfortunately started off the w/e on a sad note. Justin's step grandfather lost his battle with brain cancer earlier this week so we drove up to Gadsden for the funeral service on Good Friday. It was a crazy afternoon...a story to remember for those that were there but I won't get into all the details. Let's just say that traveling with a 5 mo old & a 1 & 2 yr old with Easter w/e traffic/construction isn't something I would recommend...we did enjoy seeing the family again, just wish it wasn't under such circumstances.

Ok onto the happy stuff. :) Saturday Justin worked most of the day so I took Carter to see the Easter Bunny at Brookwood & then over to Homewood to a birthday party for a sweet 2 yr old named Cooper. I was a little worried that Carter would freak out with Mr. big ears since he hasn't ever seen a huge stuffed animal like that, BUT he could've cared less...I should have known. The picture they took was perfect & I snapped a few with my camera too. And yes that is a dryer ball in Carter's hand...his new favorite toy these days!

Today my mom & brother joined us at church this morning & then we went out to lunch. It was a beautiful day & Easter service. He has Risen indeed!!

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