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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A decade ago...

today I met the man of my dreams who I gladly call my husband & have the pleasure of spending everyday  most days with. :) I'm totally kidding & count my many blessings every day I get to spend with him & our little miracle Carter. Justin is my very best friend & life without him is completely unthinkable. Wow 10 years seems so long but I can vividly remember the first time we met, what I was wearing, Justin had a cast on his left arm...hehe, & it was completely love at first sight. I remember telling my roommate Kim, who introduced us, that he was my future husband after only a few weeks of knowing him & what do you know, I was right. I am so thankful for him & everything he does for our family. He is an amazing father & I can't wait to see what's in store for us next!!

I know I have some good flashback pics from way back when that I need to scan & put on here but that will have to be another day. We just got back from Scott's surprise party, I have a sick baby & it isn't Carter, & I have lots of preparation to do for Em's bridal tea I am helping throw tomorrow. So nighty-night to all!!!

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  1. gosh...i'd forgotten about the cast! can't wait to see the pictures! i remember those first weeks and am so thrilled you are still around to call my sister in law! love you both; nope all 3 of you!