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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A dash, zoo & 2 showers

What a fantastic, chaotic but enjoyable w/e!! Justin had an amazing time at the Masters on Friday with a little sunburn on the side. :) Saturday Justin & I competed in the 1st annual Diamond Dash in downtown B'ham & we had a BLAST!! We didn't win, unfortunately, but we think we did pretty well. There were supposedly 480 ppl competing so about 240 teams. The whole thing was based on getting the highest score & you did that by getting clues sent to your cellphone & figuring out where to go & what the answer was. It was basically a scavenger hunt on the whole north side of downtown from the BJCC to Morris Ave & from around 16th to 23rd St. We were so glad we had bikes (thanks to my Jenny & Mama C!) even though some ppl chose roller skates or even scooters (crazy huh?!) to get around or just walked/ran. Surprisingly I wasn't sore other than my booty from sitting on that seat for 2.5 hours!! It seriously felt like we were on the Amazing Race! They didn't post the results so we don't know what place we got but we are thinking the top 20 or so. Our score was 341 & the team that won the $15,000 diamond ring had a score of 401 but they supposedly blew everyone out of the park. They had prizes for the top 6 teams & we heard that team #5 was around 360. We knew a few other ppl that competed & there score was 280 & others we heard were in the 100's. You lost points for any wrong answer or if you needed a hint. Some questions were obvious & others you really had to search for. It really was SO much fun & I highly recommend it to anyone else who wants to do it next year!!!

Here are the only pics I have from the day. We had to take a pic of our partner in front of The Temptations tribute (here's something we learned about B'ham that we didn't know...2 of the singers from The Temptations were from B'ham) posing next to one of the singers...we were rushing to get as many pts as we could & we didn't even have time to think so it is kind of funny looking back on it now. There were also a few questions that were technically wrong which was a bit frustrating, so whoever writes the questions needs to have someone double check them next time. For instance, behind Justin in this pic is a list of Temptations songs & they asked us to pick the one with the shortest name...there were a bunch up there. We sent in "Can I" since that was only 4 letters but the answer that was correct to the game was "Happy" which is 5 letters...someone can't count. Check out our snazzy t-shirts they gave us...

Here we are at the after party at Rogue Tavern where the winners were announced! It was neat how they announced them since they couldn't do it by score b/c then ppl would know if they had won something or not. Place 4th, 5th & 6th they called out the team name...ours was Boat66. Then for 2nd & 3rd place they called the actual cellphone of the teams that everyone was quiet looking at theirs phones. And for the winner...they read their story that they submitted to compete out loud! It was a guy talking about how he loved his g-friend & wanted to get her a nice ring & get married. Once they got on stage, they tried to get the guy to propose but he said he hadn't talked to her Dad yet & you could just tell he didn't want to do it was a bit awkward but yea for them!

Justin pretty much worked the rest of the w/e. I went to Emily & Dave's Around the House shower Sat. night...I'm in her wedding here in B'ham on June 5th. Sunday morning Carter & I went with my friend Mary Ruth & the 3 girls she was babysitting to the zoo. It was Carter's first time & I think he enjoyed it. I forgot how much fun that place is except for all the construction going on right makes it hard to maneuver around inside but we still had a great time. That afternoon Carter & I went to one of my pledge sisters baby showers. Casey is actually my BIL's sister too. Sara drove up from Mobile for the day so it was great to see her as always. I was exhausted by Sun night but it was all worth it!!

Only TWO more days of tax season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I look forward to this day more than I do Christmas!! This w/e we are headed to our second home...WAR EAGLE...for the A-day game on Sat & then over to ATL for a Braves game that night with a group of friends. Carter man will be hanging with my momma. I can't wait to have the hubs back!!

I got some cute pics of Carter "walking" behind his little push car thing but I'll get to those another day. It's nighty-night time. And poor J still isn't home...

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  1. Love to hear your updates, especially this past weekend with your race. BTW, another way you could look at the 'shortest' song title is that it was only 1 word, not 2. I know you will be happy when Justin is through with tax season. See ya' tomorrow.