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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This little lady...

doesn't grace us with her presence near as often anymore. She's either outside all the time or upstairs where the dogs Coco can't get her. She came in early yesterday (to eat probably b/c that is about all were good for right now) & I didn't see her in her usual spots last night so I assumed she was back outside. That meant we had to keep the dog door open for her so she could come in when she pleases. Well I guess someone else decided to come in too b/c at some point last night Bailey was tearing through the house barking like crazy & when I went to check out what was going on, I could smell a horrible pee. I couldn't find where it was coming from but I'm guessing whatever wild nuisance that tried to come in sprayed that lovely stench all around the dog door area. AND not a few hours later I heard a cat meowing & it sounded like right outside our bedroom door so I thought it was Lucky trying to get in our room & when I went out to see, Bailey chased whatever it was outside. Now if it was Lucky she would've jumped up on the railing on the deck & hung around but it obviously wasn't her b/c there were no animals to be seen. The silliest part about this is when I went to get Carter out of bed this morning Lucky appeared out of nowhere in his room which means she was probably under his bed the whole time. So we will be making sure she is in at night from now on so we don't have any unwanted critters sneaking in our house!

Perfect example of how she loves to lounge on the railing...

This was from back around Valentine's Day when Justin sent me flowers & she was OBSESSED with the box they came in...she was in it all the time!

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