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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red-headed stepchild

Literally!! Poor Tig rarely gets let out of his "room" aka the full bath off the basement room. He was exiled from the rest of the house a few years ago when he kept relieving himself anywhere he felt like. Supposedly male orange tabbies are known to be moody, somewhat aggressive & behave like this when things don't go their way...he was a single "child" until we got Lucky 3 yrs ago, Bailey 2 yrs ago & now Coco. Tig will turn 10 this Aug...I can't believe I/we've had him that long!! Needless to say, he has made us vow to never get another male animal again...hence our 3 sweet girls we have now. Today at lunch I let him out so I could clean out his litter boxes...he has 2 in the walk-in shower. The funny thing is he only goes #1 in one of them & #2 in the other...never both in one box...the cat's never been normal!! Too bad Lucky couldn't be there for the family pic!

Coco with her head resting on the towel that I put down on the hardwoods in front of the dog door when it rains...she's already becoming pathetic like the rest of them!

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