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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a weekend!

I woke up Mon. morning thinking it was Sun. so I lost a day somewhere in was a crazy but fun w/e!! We dropped off Carter with my mom & headed to AU on Sat. morning to grab a bite, take a tour of the new basketball arena & then head to the A-day game. There were tons of ppl there...63,000 at the game!! And it was HOT! We left after the 3rd quarter to head to ATL for the Braves game that night. I've never been to a MLB game so it was a neat experience & we had some pretty good seats. Unfortunately for the Braves, it was a no-hitter game but those are few & far between so glad I could see a rare bit of "history" too.
View from our seats...

Trying to get a better background pic...
Our crew...the funny thing was most of the guys had a quick "costume"  change from AU attire to Braves.

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