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Friday, April 16, 2010


Daddy's back!!!! Yippee!! Justin actually took Carter to school this morning...I told him he may have to show his ID b/c the teachers wouldn't recognize him. :) So the morning started off well until he went to drop off the lawnmower (he can't get it to start) at a shop down the street & then his car wouldn't start...when it rains it pours right!?!? Luckily I was just passing by on my way to work so I picked him up & he dropped me off...I do love the convenience of living 2 miles from my office.

Our yard desperately needs mowing...the first time he tried this season was on Carter's b'day a few wks ago & he just hasn't had time to deal with it until now. The place said it'll be 7-10 days to fix it so we'll be borrowing someone's for sure...luckily we have some nice neighbors that I'm sure won't mind. I think they'd rather us get rid of the raunchy looking weeds we've got going in our yard anyway. I'm almost surprised we haven't gotten a notice from the homeowners association saying that it needs to be really doesn't look that bad but they are extremely'll get a notice if your water hose isn't properly wrapped around the holder outside. Football season we usually get a notice saying "Collegiate flags may only be flown on weekends" blah, blah, is nice that they make sure our neighborhood is kept up & we do appreciate them for that.

So I guess we'll get the Accord towed to Robe Man's in Homewood to get checked out...hopefully it isn't anything major. We just had both cars in recently for major tune-ups, brakes, etc which was expensive enough. We won't need it this w/e anyway since we'll be out of town. Headed down to AU early tomorrow for lunch, a tour of the new basketball arena & the A-day game. Then off to ATL for a Braves game that night. It'll be a fun sports-filled day!!

Oh I found out yesterday that we got 10th place in the Diamond Dash this past w/e. Not bad out of about 240 teams. Now that we know how it all works we'll def. try to compete again next year & hopefully win!

In other news...Carter has another tooth coming in! Finally another one on the bottom left side. Below are pics from this past w/e. He has started actually standing & pushing his little riding toy. He prefers to get down on his knees & push it & he goes pretty's rather funny. He has really started to "cruise" around on the furniture & such. Hopefully he'll be taking some steps on his own soon. Mommy is SO ready for him to be arms are tired of always carrying the little chunker!!!

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