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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter bunny came early?!?

Meet "BB" the wild cottontail baby bunny Justin found in our yard today. BB stands for "Birthday Bunny" since we found her on Carter's b'day. Ok I know what you're thinking...not ANOTHER pet...don't worry, we aren't keeping her even though I think it'd be fun to have a pet bunny. :) I am going to take her to the wildlife center at Oak Mountain tomorrow since she is injured. One of our sweet dog/puppy must have nipped her right side b/c she has a puncture wound that we checked out & put some neosporin on. I read up online how to care for said she is probably 3-5 wks old & they actually separate from their mother by 16 days. We fed her some of Carter's formula & I think she liked it. :) She likes clover, grasses, etc. so we put some of that in her box too & some water in a cap. She is maybe 4-5 inches long...SO cute!!

Here is what Justin initially saw in the yard...she is right in the middle of the pic...teeny-tiny!

Feeding her some formula with a syringe...


  1. Ya'll sure do love you some animals at that might have to change your blog name to swiss family robinson if you get a few more kids added to the bunch! haha! precious bunny! :)

  2. Ya'll are hilarious! It sure is cute though!