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Monday, March 15, 2010

T-minus 1 month

'til tax season is O-V-E-R!! Yippee! I have to admit this tax season hasn't been near as bad as others, but Carter & I are ready to have "da-da" back. As I call myself the "single mom" since Carter doesn't even see Daddy the whole day until right before he goes to sleep most nights...we're just ready to be a "family" again. :)

In other news...
Carter is doing much better. He only has 2 days left of his antibiotic & is sleeping & eating normal. He has developed a terrible runny nose which he has passed onto I now have a box of tissues attached to my hip...fabulous. Claritin hasn't helped so I guess I'm onto the next drug...

A new development...
Carter has started pulling himself up to a standing position now! He did it once for me yesterday in front of the front window & 3 times for me in the bathtub last night. I called Justin up there to see the last one so he would believe me. :) He is also standing on his own for a few seconds so I'm sure he'll start "surfing" the furniture soon & walking before we know it. His first birthday is two weeks from tomorrow!

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