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Friday, March 19, 2010

Addy's wedding

We went to Nashville last Friday for Addy's wedding at the Opryland Hotel. We had both never been before & wow it is HUGE!! The ceremony was in one of the gardens called the Delta Pavilion & the reception was in a separate garden with a beautiful fountain. They have maps everywhere & you can easily get lost in that place! We had a great time & I'm sure they are having an awesome time in Hawaii this week!! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan! We love you both!

Some of the lights were was very elegant!

The reception area...
The candy station...
They had one of those photo booths to get in & take your picture to take home with fun!
Cutting the cake...
Cory's cake...
Me & the Hubs
WOW look out for Casper on the left...Addy got a spray tan the day before & looked absolutely I know just how pasty I really am!! :)
Addy's son Issac's birthday was the same day as the wedding...I can't believe he is already 4!!!

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