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Sunday, March 21, 2010

We've completely fallen off the rocker...

...and adopted a new PUPPY!!!!! She is absolutely precious & we just couldn't resist her sweet face. It is all thanks to my husband who loves "looking" at all sorts of stuff on the internet & decided to get on & send me the link & now here she is!!! We named her Coco & she is the sweetest puppy ever. She is about 3 months old & is obviously mix but we aren't quite sure what. The humane society said she was part Australian shepherd which is what Bailey partly is but we took her to our vet who knows us all too well & he said that since she has the brindle coloring that she may have some boxer & that her short tail looks like a weimaraner & she may have some lab, so who knows. He did say that since she already has long legs that she'll probably be tall. Mutts are the best & we are so excited to have her as part of our family now! Bailey & her get along so well...they love to wrestle & play. The cats are slowly getting used to her. Carter hasn't been around her too much yet since he went to my moms to spend the night last night but so far so good.

I figured out that it seems like every year b/w March & May we have to get something new for the house/us. The first year we moved in we got Lucky on St. Patty's Day hence the name, the next year we got Bailey the beginning of May, last year we had our amazing son Carter on March 30th & now we got Coco on Saturday. Wonder what we'll have/get next year?!!? :)

Enjoy the pics of our new little sweetheart!!

She's already found the comfy spots...Bailey was afraid of this bed at first!
She loved riding in Carter's seat on the way home...


  1. She is so cute Ashley! what a precious little face I could see how ya'll could fall for it! haha! Just a lil more excitment!

  2. She is so adorable, and I can see why you brought her home. When I fist saw the picture I thought her coloring looks like Tyson. Hope you guys are enjoying your new puppy!! Also, what are you trying to say...could there possibly be Baby Flurry #2 on the way soon?!?