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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Already gearing up for football season

For me, it's never too early to buy new clothes for Carter man. I've been an Ebay FREAK recently & am beginning to realize I have to STOP soon or we are going to be broke. :) It all started with hunting for a cute Easter & birthday outfit on there which he now has 2 Easter outfits, a birthday outfit and matching bib & I just got in the mail yesterday an adorable 2T jon-jon with smocked seahorses on it...I couldn't resist it! You can find awesome deals on brand-new boutique style things that still have their tags attached for really cheap. Thank the Lord I don't have a daughter b/c there is millions of more girl stuff than boy stuff everywhere. So back to the whole point of the post...a friend of a friend had a kids clothing party recently for "Say it ain't sew" clothing & I found this adorable jon-jon for Carter to wear this upcoming football season. Now he can go down with us to the loveliest village on the plains to cheer on our Auburn Tigers in style! He'll be chanting "War Eagle!" before you know it. :)

A little update on things...Carter is doing better. He was rather fussy all w/e & yesterday, but this morning he woke up pretty happy so hopefully we are in the last stretch of these ear infections & he'll be all better to head down to Mobile this w/e for his cousin's 2nd birthday. We are looking forward to spending time with family & seeing how big our niece Audrey has gotten now that she is 4 months old!

What Carter is up to now that he is 11 months old...
- He is 23.5 lbs as of his sick doctor appt last Wed. 2/24...a hefty boy to say the least. :)
- He loves to get up on his knees but hasn't quite mastered the pulling up to his feet yet.
- He can stand on his own for a few seconds (Justin said he did it for 5-6 sec last night but I didn't see it)
- He'll walk with you while you hold his hands but very slowly & he is a bit hesitant.
- He has really gotten the hang of the sippy cup. He still throws his head back to drink/chew on the mouth piece.  He has only had juice in it so far, but I hope to start milk in it soon.
- Speaking of milk, we still haven't changed him over to whole milk yet even though the dr said we could at his 9 mo check-up. I'm just not ready to let go of all the nutrients he gets from formula especially when he is sick & doesn't eat much. I do hope to start him on it soon.
- He has SIX teeth!!! All of them are all the way in except for his top middle two...they are about halfway.
- He says "da-da, ga-ga, ba-ba and ma-ma" sometimes but doesn't really know what he's saying yet. He does love to jibber-jabber every now & then.
- He takes 4 bottles a day, one in the morning & night & two during the day (usually around 12 & 4).
- He is eating 3 meals a day & 2 snacks. He absolutely LOVES graham crackers & could eat them all day, everyday. He is getting better at eating fruits & veggies cut up but I still have to sneak in some baby food while he is eating other things so he gets enough of each for the day.
- He still sleeps 7-7, sometimes a little earlier or later on the wake up time but around then. He naps really well for us...2-3 hours in the morning and afternoon but he only naps about an hour or less each time at school...I guess there are too many distractions there.
- He is wearing mostly 12 mo clothes but he is starting to bust out of some of those, so we are about to jump to 18 mo clothes. The only thing is most of his 18 mo clothes are sleeveless or short-sleeve so Spring really needs to come on & get here!

Carter turns ONE on March 30th!!! I can't believe we are about to have a one year old on our hands. His party will be the Sat. before at our house with family & close friends. I finally decided on a cupcake theme so there will be cupcake stuff has been really fun to plan this whole thing. I can't wait for it to get here!

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